Monday, August 22, 2016

Financial Analytics via NAVCube - Business Intelligence Solution

With NAVCube, one can analyze its financial position and progress for any organization through keeping a tap on key business ratios. This can achieved for the C – Level even without clicking any application through our scheduled services which is seamlessly integrated to the organization SMTP gateway.

NAVCube makes data availability secured and approachable. Hence eventually helps top executives to make the decision or be informed to plan the adversity.

Key Business Indicators: 

·         Total Revenue
o   Direct Revenue
o   Indirect Revenue
·         Gross Margin
o   Gross Margin %
·         Net Margin
·         Expense (Commission)
·         Total Outstanding
o   Collection Effective Index
·         Profitability Indicator Ratios
o   Operational Profit Margin & %
o   PBT - Profit before Tax
·         Liquidity Measurement Ratios
·         Cash Flow Indicator Ratios
·         Debt Ratios
·         Break even Analysis
·         Comparison monthly and annually
Key Business Benefits:
  1. Comparatives: MOM & YTD
  2. Drill Down Analysis till last transaction 
  3.  Real time visibility into the ERP data
  4. No repeat work and additional manpower
  5. Plan adversity in advance.

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